• The extinction of politics: from shared forms of communities to the time of the end in Jacques Rancière’s philosophy (Michelly Alves Teixeira)
  • Opening the black box of the political dimension of Langdon Winner’s philosophy of technology (André da Silva Souza).
  • Ethics and Aesthetics of Existence in M. Foucault’s Work (Lorrayne Colares, UnB)
  • The Critical Question in M. Foucault’s Thought (Jefferson Cassiano, UnB)


  • Universal peaceful Community: the kantian cosmopolitical law in the project of perpetual peace (Caio Macedo, 2022)
  • The Distribution of the Sensible in Jacques Rancière’s philosophy (Michelly Teixeira, 2019)
  • Karl Popper and Social Sciences (Sergio Tarbes, 2018)